June 14, 2011

white sky.

remember duke? the little puppy we brought home one day last august, the major point being the little puppy? well, since i've been slacking on my blogging duties (sorry...), this puppy has turned a year old! he is absolutely huge and now he weighs more than i do! he is still a puppy though, since great danes still continue to grow and mature even after they hit the one year mark.

basically, duke is the joy in our lives here at home. he is such a puppy, romping around and always wanting to play or go on walks. he's the cutest thing i've seen and i just love him. from day one this dog has had us all wrapped around his paws.

look at him! look at that picture! he's grown so much in a year, it's almost unbelievable.

and now i will go rub those cute ears of his and disturb his sleep. because that's what we do 'round here.

p.s.- check out a ridiculously adorable video here. it's totally worth the one minute. trust me.

p.p.s.- but, don't be fooled by his cuteness. he has eaten a book! a book!


Lizzie said...

Dogs aren't my favorite animals but I love that photo of your Duke. Oh my, he ate a book? Just out of curiosity, was it a good book? It'd be hilarious if it wasn't, so it was as if he was just doing the job of throwing it away for you. And besides, paper is scrumptious. How could he not eat it? Haha.

Off to watch the video.

Natalie said...

Awww, I remember when you'd just gotten him! What a difference a year can make, huh? He's is quite grown up now. :) Happy birthday.

Eeshie said...