July 20, 2011

glitter in the air.

true facts about me:

- i've started taking more pictures.
- the last picture is straight out of the camera, absolutely no editing.
- duke (in the third picture) ate my all quiet on the western front book. chapters eleven and twelve are gone. i think i find this way funnier than i should.
- this summer i've read ten books.
- i survived summer school!
- ap biology is challenging so far. but i like it, it makes me think.
- words with friends is addicting.
- my wisdom teeth are coming out next month.
- i went to disneyland's california adventure last saturday. it was so much fun.
- my summer list is overwhelming me.
- i start school again in thirty-eight days.
- i love swimming.
- i think i'm really funny. and i'm the only one who does. that makes me laugh.
- i haven't been to the beach once this whole summer.

1 comment:

Natalie said...

That last photo looks so cool! Oh, goodness, I remember reading All Quiet on the Western Front sophomore year... not exactly my favorite book, haha. Ooh, and I'm taking AP Bio this year! High five.