September 3, 2011

all good things are wild and free.

  • i love ap bio so far.
  • i have the cutest friends! i'm not even kidding you, i want to marry them all.
  • i got two of the best high-fives ever this week.
  • tonight i went shopping and got the cutest pair of shorts. let's hope they don't break the dress code!
  • duke is currently laying in my bed. it's the cutest thing.
  • right now, i'm dreaming of the art center. it's my biggest dream, oh to be able to go there... i'm swooning right now just thinking about it.
  • i'm pretty sure of art school. the only question is: photography or architecture? i love both of them so much, it's hard to decide.
  • the questions of the week were: "how is ap bio? is it killing you yet?" and i would reply, "i love it! it's amazing (which it really is) and no, i am not dead yet."
  • i need to stop biting my nails.
  • last night i got a henna tattoo. i love it.
  • this morning i laid in bed and read through emails and text messages. my best friend and i continued a conversation from last night... which ended up in us bickering the whole time. but, you know, what's new?
  • my life motto right now is: all good things are wild and free.
  • i figured out that my favorite quality in people is their silliness. i love silly people. if you're silly, i'll love you, i promise!


Natalie said...

Can I please be in your AP Bio class instead? Mine is... not fun... though yes, it is interesting, and everyone says it will be worth it by the end of the year. We'll see.

What does your henna tattoo look like? I bet it's gorgeous!

TeeTee said...

yes! come be in my class!

my henna has already faded... it never seems to stick to my skin. i had "fearless" written on the side of my arm. i loved it, except for when it started to fade.

Tricia said...

AP Bio. I am so Old!! AP Bio was 15 years ago for me. I'm old. Okay. Over it. I loved AP Bio! Having a fantastic teacher helps. I hope yours is great.

So, I clicked your link for the Art Center. What an inspiring place! TeeTee, I think (and I really don't even know you) that it would be the perfect place for you!! As far as photography vs. architecture, what a tough decision! I happen to love both. Although photography has become my path, architecture would be challenging and just plain fun!
I hope that you are enjoying your school year, and that it becomes the best of your life (so far). ;)