September 18, 2011

a letter to my future someone.

dear you,

if we get together, i want you to sing to me. your voice makes me melt. i want you to be honest with me. if i do something you hate, tell me. and i will promise you that in return i will do the same. i want you to hug me when you see me. i want to see you smile, but i also want to see you frown, because it's impossible to always be happy. if there's one thing i've learned in this life, it's that. i want you to comfort me when i'm not feeling like myself. i want to know that you'll always be there for me, but that you'll keep your space when it's necessary.

if we get together, i want you to make the first move. i'm so insecure when it comes to stuff like that, the dating stuff. i over think a lot of things, so please bear with me. i don't always confess what is on my mind, but give me time. i will eventually. please know that i need my space once in a while, and that i actually like being alone. i have a life, don't tell me i do not, sometimes though, i just like to spend it alone. you can make fun of me for my twitter addiction, but i will call you out on your facebook addiction. even if you're not addicted, just agree with me. it will make me happy.

if we get together, know that i will tease you. i will tease you a lot. i'm not trying to be mean, my teasing means that i like you and that i'm comfortable enough around you to have fun. please try not to flirt around with other girls, because even though i know where i stand with you, it still doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. i'll try my best not to flirt with other boys, too. but know that one of my best friends is a boy, but there is nothing going on between us. we're just best friends. that's all.

if we get together, please know that i have a hard time trusting people. i've been hurt too many times, by the ones i loved the most. you will have to patient with me. i will open up to you, but you'll have to wait. and you know what they say about waiting? the good things come to those who wait.

if we get together, know that i may not be the most amazing person on this whole planet, but i can promise that i am one hundred percent myself. i don't normally follow the lead, but when i do, it has to be pretty darn special. i am my own person. i am an old soul. i have a view on almost everything. i am a hopeless romantic. i love a good debate. my words are my everything. i take too many pictures. i love fat puppies. i will love you even more if you're silly. i am easily frustrated. i am probably the most stubborn person you will ever meet in your life. i have good qualities, but i also have flaws.

if we get together, take me as i am. don't try to change me. i can promise you that given enough time, i will fall in love with you. i will fall hard. please be there to catch me. i will love you even more for that.

if we get together, please please please keep these things in mind.

much love,
your future someone.

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