December 26, 2011

wrap up: my girl scout gold award project.

for the last three months, i've been working on my girl scout gold award. the gold award is the highest honor in girl scouting and i was so excited i was able to work on this project.

for my project, i made a set of birthing kits. i made fifty kits that held essential materials to help a pregnant woman give birth in more sanitary conditions. i found an organization that takes yearly trips to zimbabwe, where they deliver the birthing kits and schooling kits. the organization's name is journeypartners and they are seriously the best. i absolutely loved working with them and i can honestly say they made my gold award project so much easier.

one part that the girl scout council focuses on is making your gold award project sustainable. for this part of my project, i spoke with another girl scout troop in my area and they agreed to take on my project.

here's where you all come in though! i was wondering if any of you might be interested in making a set of birthing kits and sending them to journeypartners yourself. it is very easy to make these kits, the hard part is just collecting all of the materials. (you can see a list of what goes into a birthing kit here.)

in no way am i asking for a commitment or a contract signed in blood, but i am just throwing this project out there for anyone looking for a way to give back!

if you do end up making a set and sending them to journeyparnters, let me know! i'd love to hear about how it went for you!

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Sheri said...

How fantastic! Love that you did this, very cool!