February 5, 2012


rang in the new year with my best friend. discovering the truth. lots and lots of boy's high school soccer games. met new people. got even closer with my cousin. music. music. my beloved cell phone decided not to work (and then decided to work again). new laptop. midterms. school. discovered spotify and oh my, i love it. girl scout drama. officially a gold award recipient! started yoga. cupcakes. rainy days. scheduled "ditch days" by my mother. online shopping. promises. received my first piggy back ride from the silly boy. holding hands. oranges. walks on sunny days. kisses. cuddling. watched inception for the second time. sweet text messages. him. him. him. him. finished driver's ed. got closer to a friend in dance class. tumblr began to consume my life. hit 4,000 tweets on twitter. cute birthday parties. visited a college campus (and fell in love with it). the most amazing month in a while.