September 11, 2012

september eleventh.

i remember this day, eleven years ago, almost like it was yesterday. i was five years old (almost six!), and i was getting ready for another day of kindergarten. my five year old self was excited about what the day held. both my parents were awake that morning, and i walked out of my room in my school uniform and i turned to the television. they were both watching it, eyes fixed on the images before them. i remember sitting down to see what they were so focused on; i remember seeing the twin towers, clouds of smoke, and my mother crying. my mother turned to me and told me that i would not be going to school that day. she told me that she had no idea what was going on and that today was just going to be a fun day with her and my little sister.

i remember excitement about they day at home, but also wondering what had happened to cause this impromptu day home. my parents were talking in hushed tones, 'what if they do it to schools? how do we know for a fact that she'll be safe?'. they finally told me what had happened, and my naive five year old self wondered how anyone could be so mean. 

as the years went by and many anniversaries of that fateful day occurred, i began to learn more and more about that day. history classes taught and taught about what had happened. as i grew older, i also grew wiser and less naive. i began to realize what hate was and how hate causes actions like the ones on september 11th, 2001.

this morning i watched president obama's beautiful anniversary speech. even today, tears form in my eyes when i think about what happened and how many lives were lost. 

i think it is safe to say that i will remember that morning in 2001 forever. it is a day i will tell and educate my children, my grandchildren, and hopefully my great-grandchildren about.

i will forever remember september 11,2001 and all those whose lives were lost and who bravely fought for our country. thank you. thank you.