July 26, 2013

on top of the world.

almost a whole year has gone by without anything new written on here. so here goes a shot at nothing, but a shot at everything at the same time.

this big dog (duke) and i get along quite wonderfully. he's the best.

a couple of days ago, i was reflecting on last year. things were so very different. when i think about it, i realize how much everything has changed, how much i have changed. i've held the same job for a year. i have been driving for a year. in this year, i have grown so much. i have realized a lot about myself, my needs, what i look for in friends, the people i need to surround myself with. i never thought i would be standing where i am today. (where i am is pretty damn amazing, by the way.)

in this year, i have had friendships come and go. i have become best friends with some people i never dreamed would ever be in my life. i cherish every single one of my friendships, because they each have something to teach me. 

and in this past year, my first relationship came to be. last fall, it started with one of my best friends asked me to the homecoming dance. after the dance (a few days after to be exact), he asked me to be his girlfriend. i said yes, and it has been absolutely amazing. almost nine months later, we're still standing strong.(cheesy, but true.) 

that's my life as of now. just throw in family and lots and lots of school and you have it all. i can honestly sit here, behind my little computer screen, and say that i am happy. i never expected my life to take the turns it did, but all of those twists and turns made me into the person i am today. i'm excited to see what the next school year holds for me. hopefully it will be less stressful compared to the last. one can only hope.

as for this little piece of internet, who knows what the future holds? i'm hoping that i will be able to find more time to document more of my life here. i've really missed blogging. i've missed documenting all of the small but important moments in my life. an honest effort is going to be made in keeping this blog semi-up to date on my life. 

let's cross our fingers that it actually happens though.

* since i seem to be better at twitter, come tweet with me here. tweeting has become an everyday thing. 

happy summer.