February 18, 2015

on what going greek means to me.

oh hey look, it's my twin and my big!

i made the decision to go greek last may. i received a scholarship from the san gabriel panhellenic alumnae i applied to in my senior year of high school. i wasn't entirely convinced on the greek system (hello hollywood portrayals of the greek system!) but i attended a luncheon to accept my scholarship. there, i met women who were a part of various sororities who spoke of their college years being amazing and life changing. i wanted that. i knew i needed it. 

when the hot, long month of august rolled around i finally decided to google formal sorority recruitment for cal poly pomona. after filling out six (SIX) pages of information about myself, i clicked submit. weeks later i found myself at a meeting. days after that i greeted recruitment weekend with fancy new dresses and a smile, along with lots of nerves. LOTS OF THEM. LOTS. 

the first day i went to four "parties". (perks of only having four panhellenic sororities, much easier to remember.) here at the party, members of the sorority came up and introduced themselves and would ask questions like "what's your major", "why do you want to join a sorority", and things of that nature. with each and every party came a dull headache, but also excitement. each sorority was different in its own way, which i loved. i saw myself in every house. however at the end of the night, i had narrowed it down to three out of the four houses. 

day two arrived before i knew it. i wanted to sleep more. (recruitment is exhausting. trust me.) i woke up though, excited for another day of meeting new girls and hopefully being one step closer to finding my "home away from home". when i arrived at check in, i pulled out my itinerary for the day and saw i was called back to two houses. SO EXCITING! i was so excited. i immediately called my mom. (she was excited too!) i went to the two parties that day and walked back to my dorm that night, leaning towards one sorority in particular.

day three came and the nerves were high. i had no idea what to expect on the last and final day of recruitment. i was invited back to the same two sororities as day two. i knew in my heart which sorority was my first choice but i still kept an open mind. i went to both of the "parties", which helped  me decide which i was going to put as my first choice. i did that at the end of the night, walked back to my dorm, and fell right to sleep.

monday was finally here. bid day. at 3pm, i would find out which sorority had given me a bid. a bid is basically an invitation to join a particular sorority or fraternity. (definitely sorority in my case though.) i got there early and there was already a line of girls. you could feel the excitement in the air. the eager chit-chat filled the hall. finally i walked into the room and made my way to the table. i ripped open the envelope i received. A BID! I RECEIVED A BID! I RECEIVED A BID FROM SIGMA KAPPA! i was so excited. i went over to grab my bid day t shirt. i changed with my new sisters and we walked over to where we would be "running home". 

running home has been my favorite experience so far. one by one, the new pledge class of each sorority ran home to their respective houses. i ran home, being grabbed and hugged by my new sisters.


almost six months later, i can happily say that joining a sorority is the best decision i have made for myself. i have been able to become close to so many of my sisters. i have sisters! i have a little over a hundred of them! as many of you know, i have a little sister who is fourteen. but this is different. a lot different. and i love it. 

a little bit about halfway into your new member period you receive a big sister. i knew nycole was meant to be my big sister from the second we sat down at brunch together. during big/little reveal, when nycole finally revealed that she was my big sister, i almost cried of happiness. and then imagine my excitement when she revealed something else to me, i had a twin sister! that was the most exciting thing probably ever in the history of my life. (no joke.) as mackenzie and i continue to grow even closer, we realize we really are twins. i mean, the same thing comes out of our mouth at the same time sometimes. come on. if my family arrangement wasn't meant to be, i don't know what is. 

it has been amazing being able to make memories that will last a lifetime with this great group of women i am proud to call my sisters. i have finally found an environment i am comfortable in and a group of people i have come to love unconditionally. thursday before last, my mom called me to tell me that our dog king was really sick. (he's fine now, rest assured.) he had something stuck in his intestine and it was unclear whether or not he would make it through the night. i put something on our chapter's facebook page, asking for prayers for the dog. immediately, my sisters commented that they would be praying for my family and me. people texted me. although i have an amazing family and a wonderful boyfriend, it is really nice to have yet another support system in the form of my sorority.

wearing my letters (jackets with the greek letters sigma and kappa on them), i am so proud to call myself a sigma kappa. i am so proud to be part of something bigger than myself. i am so proud to have a group of wonderful people to call my sisters. i know they will be there through anything and everything.

and that, is something i have looked for forever.